Our beautiful 2012 design.  Hincapie Axis/Race cut.  The 2012 jerseys, even though they are the same cut as 2011, run a bit smaller.

Please consult the Hincapie Custom Sizing Chart - http://www.hincapie.com/custom/downloads/Hincapie_Custom_Sizing_Charts.pdf

These are the perfect size for the stylish dog in your life!  Frank Black Frances, pictured here, is a 62lb shepherd/husky wearing a male size small.  


Please just help us get rid of these!  There are a ton of these small sizes left from 2012.  If it doesn't fit you can cut it up and use for a scrap book, maybe make a pillow or just frame it and put it on your wall.  Maybe you can even use it to collect Bike & Build autographs.  Worst case scenario you're making a donation to B&B!!!

2012 Jersey

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  • $15.00

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